Important: Kits may not be returned, as all are copyrighted and hand-packed and are considered special orders.

The Chrismon & Christian Symbol ornament ministries, which is intended to be used as a Bible study resource to bring people closer to Christ, has been dear to the Rufty's and Beaver's hearts throughout their lives. They hold true to Mrs. Spencer's and the Ascension Lutheran Church's original concept and continuing desire that no assembled Chrismon or Christian Symbol ornaments be sold. This is why Rufty's does not sell ornaments, but rather, sells kits and supplies to enable craftsmen to find new meaning through their own handiwork as they contemplate the life of Christ and the stories of the Bible.


Multi-Pattern Booklet Kits

A kit containing supplies and instructions required to complete multiple ornaments. Instructions are provided in a bound booklet which includes symbolism, definitions, diagrams and history.

Christian Symbol Books

This category consists of instructional booklets only. No supplies are provided.

Special Orders

Multiples of any Single Pattern Kit of your choice. The Small Single Pattern Kits must be ordered in multiples of 4. The Large Single Pattern Kits must be ordered in multiples of 2.

Single Pattern Kits

A kit containing supplies and instructions requited to comple a single ornament. An instruction sheet is provided and includes the symbolism and diagrams of that particular pattern.

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